July 6

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AM Snack: yogurt, bananas, water

Lunch: chicken, pasta, cucumbers, pea pods, honeydew melon, milk

PM Snack: peanut butter crackers, water


Outside: water play- pools, sprinkler and water slide.  We also made rivers and ponds with a bridge in the sand pile.

Theme/circle: we discussed what to do if you are lost.  We talked about sitting down in one spot and yelling so that mom or dad or teacher can find you.  We looked at our world map and talked a little bit about directions.  We observed the compass and pointed out North, South, West, East.  We practiced facing each direction and talked about where the sun comes up and goes down.  The older children practiced using the compass to face in a direction that they picked.  Zoe, Ryder and Marina enjoyed trying to use the arrows and the red North needle.

Games: We played 4 corners with North, East, South and West.  We also played a letter recognition game with N, E, S and W.

Crafts: treasure maps

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