July 31

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Am snack: granola bars and water

Lunch: pb and j, watermelon, garden green beans, water

PM snack: cereal and raisins, water

Activities: today we explored the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens for 3 hours. We watered plants in the garden, played with puzzles and puppets, washed laundry the old fashioned way, walked some mazes, observed butterflies outside and in the butterfly house, climbed a treehouse and learned bird sounds, climbed into a bear cave in the forest, pretended to be lobster fishing, found frogs and dragonflies, watched huge bumblebees and so much more. Later at the aquarium we had a lesson on sharks where we got to touch skulls and skin. We then explored fish, lobsters, living life cycles of lobsters and horseshoe crabs, touched crabs/sea stars/sea cucumbers/hermit crabs, pet sharks and skates and enjoyed some other interactive exhibits. It was an incredible learning experience all day!

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