July 18

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AM Snack: blueberries and yogurt, water

Lunch: pasta salad with chicken, cucumbers, carrots, watermelon, milk

PM SNack: peanut butter and crackers, water


This morning we had a tour at Wilbur’s Chocolate Factory and ate a lot of treats! Zoe asked some great questions!  We get to take home a white chocolate tooth as a treat too.

We had a quick circle time and talked about/read about the history of chocolate.  We also read a book about Jungles.  In our book called  Toad or Frog, Swamp or Bog  we read about the differences between toads and frogs, moose and caribou, and alligators and crocodiles.  The non-nappers are currently building a garden in the sand box where a random bean plant has sprouted.  They are super excited.  This afternoon we will either explore some more rainforest animals/plants while it thunderstorms or play outside with bikes and gardens and a quick nature walk.

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