July 17

by Marisa | Leave Comment

AM Snack: peanut butter and graham crackers, water

Lunch: chicken and pasta salad with garlic scapes, clementines, carrots, milk

PM Snack: yogurt and popsicles, water

This morning we had a blast exploring the Desert of Maine.  We went on a trolly tour and climbed on a huge dune.  We searched for gem stones in the sand and got to take home 3 each.  We explored old fashion tools and living in the barn and watched some butterflies in the butterfly house.  Before we left we did some mining with a big bag of sand and gems/stones.  We used sieves in a water trough to wash the sand away from the treasures.

This afternoon we will do some water play and hopefully get to painting some gold treasure and making our own sieves.

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