July 13

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AM Snack: hummus and tortilla chips, water

Lunch: pasta with beans, peas from the garden, watermelon, milk

PM SNack: cereal and raisins, water


We played with playdough for hours during drop off time this morning!  We made sundaes and steaks and worms!

Today we received more baby monarch caterpillars.  They are SUPER tiny!  and our last batch is almost ready to start their question mark formation.  We should have at least 30 monarch butterflies and 5 painted ladies over the next few weeks!  Our ladybug larvae are pretty big now and should pupate soon.  We transferred our baby monarchs to new plants in our butterfly tent.

The children decided they really wanted to go to a playground so we hopped in the van and went to Bradbury Mountain- the shadiest playground we could think of!  When we came back we played with the water and sand before lunch.

This afternoon we plan to stay cool in the wading pools!

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