July 12

by Marisa | Leave Comment

AM Snack: nectarines and animal crackers, milk

Lunch: potatoes, boiled eggs, cucumbers, crackers, watermelon, water

PM Snack: blueberry muffins, water


We went ponding at Pineland Center and found tons of crayfish, frogs, diving beetles, water striders, dragonflies, damselflies, and fish.  We hiked to the garden and got wet in the fountain and explored the paths and flowers.  We saw a lot of insects on the flowers and smelled a lot of good smells.  We also observed our ladybug larvae in our container.  Our monarch caterpillars are getting huge and will soon make a chrysalis.

Our plans for the afternoon include a LOT of water play and some garden exploration.  We will see if we can find some ladybugs from yesterday and some of the praying mantids that we released.

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