July 10

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AM Snack: bananas and cereal, water

Lunch: waffles sticks, pears, carrots, yogurt and milk

PM Snack:  crackers and cheese, water


Today we played hard in the water with muddy rivers, mud kitchen, kiddie pools, squirt toys and slip’n’slides.  In between all that we had a huge bug lesson.  We checked out our new classroom pets- Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches!  Some of us were brave enough to just touch the exoskeleton and some of us were brave enough to let them crawl  on us!  We then looked at bug props such as life cycle replicas of ladybug/butterfly/honeybee, real cecropia moth eggs and chrysalis, real mud dauber nests and paper wasp nests, and bug eye kaleidoscopes.  After the lesson we were challenged to eat bugs!  We have bacon and cheese crickets, bbq mealworms and chocolate covered crickets and mealworms.  Most of us tried them!  Some of us really liked them!  After we ate bugs we went to the garden and some of us let ladybugs crawl all over us.  It was very tickly and fun.  We have a lot of bug lovers.  AT lunch time we observed our monarch caterpillars and a few eggs on the leaves up close.  A few of the caterpillars are getting big and almost ready to make a chrysalis.

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