February 25

by Marisa | Leave Comment

AM Snack: peanut butter and kiwi, water

Lunch: english muffin pizza, cucumbers, grapes, milk

PM Snack: hummus and rice cakes, water


Circle: willowby wallaby song, calendar, counting practice, weather, Flying book, ABC sign language- S and R: room/rain/scissors/sit, Constellations book and discussion, Ring Around the Rosie

Crafts/science: We glued some more objects into our sky pictures like clouds and bugs and moons.  We drew some extra things with markers.  We turned over to our Solar System pictures and counted moons around our planets with glitter glue.

Outside: nature walk and puddle splashing… we climbed rocks and little mountains, sat on logs, watched the water run in the streams and jumped in muddy puddles.

Centers: cars and trucks, bracelet making, books, kitchen, tumbling, pretend circle time

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