December 19

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AM Snack: yogurt and blueberries, water

Lunch: cheesy peas and rice, apples, milk

PM Snack: peanut butter crackers, water


Today we were super involved in self motivated art work during free play.  It’s Monday and we all have a hard time getting going so we just took a little extra time this morning to work  on painting, coloring on boxes, building a treasure map with big blocks, etc.  We then did 20 minutes of movement songs before clean up and snack time.  We skipped circle for the sake of having a little time to go outside and do projects.  We worked on little reindeer magnets and air dry ornaments.  The teachers thought we would only spend a little time outside but we had so much fun sledding on the super slick snow that we stayed out for about an hour!!!  We had to rush in and undress quickly to be in time for lunch!  It’s definitely been a child-led kind of day.  If we didn’t have to get kids on the bus we probably wouldn’t have eaten lunch until 1.  Zoe was our big helper even cutting apples for the kids at lunch.

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