Cinco De Mayo

by Marisa | 3 Comments

AM Snack: peanut butter, celery, chocolate chips, water

Lunch: english muffin cheese pizza, yellow pepper, apples, milk

PM Snack: rice cake and hummus, water


Circle: greetings, Mother’s Day chat, Love You Forever book, Wheels on the Bus song, The Peace Book, letter Z sign language review

Art: mother’s day cards

Outside: biking and playing house in the bus stop

Centers: trains, balloons, babies, blocks, sewing

  • Erin Lamour says:

    Would you mind just leaving how long Ellie napped for please. In a couple weeks, I will be doing the drop off, and Lee will do the pick up. And sometimes he may forget to ask. And anything else that you think I should know about Ellie. Thanks!

    • Marisa says:

      Yes… we might need a reminder. She is not into sleeping today. I sat in the nap room with her for the past hour and she is still not sleeping. She is laying quietly though. Taeya is having a great nap though.

  • Erin Lamour says:

    Thank you

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