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Tuesday December 4

by Malina Cobb | Leave Comment

What an awesome day we had today!!!

We had a BLAST at the Rumpus Room!!! We played in the ball pit, pretended to be pirates in the pirate ships, we did some laundry with the pretend washer machines, and played in their cool kitchen!!! It was alot of fun. Lots of smiles and giggles!!!!

AM SNACK: Apple and cheese

LUNCH: Quesadillas, carrots, and cantaloupe

PM SNACK: Snack boxes


SNOW DAY!!!! 11.20.18

by Marisa | Leave Comment

With school out, the preschoolers got the play with some of the bigger kids. After reading about Clifford the Big Red Dog’s Thanksgiving, we practiced writing our names, and made turkey headbands while thinking about what we were thankful for most. While we were outside we built snowmen, went tubing, and painted the fresh layer of snow.


November 6, 2018

by Marisa | Leave Comment

Today we had a busy morning playing in our centers.

For movement we had a dance party with the toddlers.

We also played musical chairs which they had a lot of fun playing.

AM SNACK: Oatmeal with blueberries

We sang our who’s here today song and days of the week. We talked about what family means and who’s in our families. We talked about our family trees we made yesterday. And how we’re a family here at RSG.

We went outside and took a walk along our street and looked at the fall leaves and saw some construction vehicles down the street.

LUNCH: Chicken salad sandwich, cucumbers, melon


REST TIME until 3

LUNCH: Snack boxes

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