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Veteran’s Day

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Am snack: cheese and bananas, water

Lunch: waffle, yogurt, corn, applesauce, milk

PM snack: dried fruit and cereal, water

Activities: today we explored Winslow Park for the morning. We had a blast on the beach and playground. We plan to jump in leaves this afternoon and enjoy the sunshine!



August 28

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Am snack: banana bread and cantaloup, water

Lunch: egg salad sandwich, peppers, cantaloupe, milk

PM snack: pretzels and marshmallows, water


Today we played in the water a lot and tried to stay wet. We went in two groups to Royal River Park to explore the waterfalls. We played some big group games and spent some time inside in the afternoon because of the heat. The afternoon trip was cut short a little because of the air quality.



August 27

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Am snack: yogurt and blueberries, water

Lunch: hot dog or Turkey burger, honeydew melon, cukes, milk

PM snack: s’mores, water


Today we played a lot on the water slide and the big slip and slide. We played a lot of games outside such as Fruitbasket, musical chairs and hide and seek. We had some squirt gun fights. We built two channels in the sand pile and filled them with water. We then designed boats, built them and raced them. During nap the school age kids practiced building a campfire and roasted their own marshmallows. We also spent some time practicing our road skills while biking.

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