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Nickname: Lyra Birthday: 1/1/13 Siblings: Marina and Samantha Pets: Leo (black lab) Sleep routine: Special toy: baby doll Allergies: Medication: Eating habits: Special diet: no gluten or dairy Favorite foods:raspberries Favorite books: anything with animals or baby faces Favorite songs: twinkle twinkle and skidamarink Favorite toys:dolls Strong dislikes:
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Bodhi Day

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Today in Honor of Bodhi Day on Saturday we learned all about The Buddha. We learned about the four basic principles of Buddhism. During circle time we discussed how Bodhi day is traditionally celebrated and read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. We decorated a Bodhi tree, a buddha and practiced henna. With the sun shining we spent a good chunk of time playing outside before we had a lunch of green bean, apples and Crepes. During snack the big kids made toy crafts and colored bodhi tree mandalas.


Happy Thanksgiving/Snow Day week!

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AM Snack: apples, donut holes, water

Lunch: leftovers!  tuna sandwich, cheesy peas and rice, cantaloupe, carrots/celery, milk

PM Snack: popcorn, hot cocoa

activities- moon sand, hex bugs, peg beads, sledding, snow coloring, snowball making, Thanksgiving story time, dance, Thanksgiving songs


SNOW DAY!!!! 11.20.18

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With school out, the preschoolers got the play with some of the bigger kids. After reading about Clifford the Big Red Dog’s Thanksgiving, we practiced writing our names, and made turkey headbands while thinking about what we were thankful for most. While we were outside we built snowmen, went tubing, and painted the fresh layer of snow.

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