August 7

by Marisa | Leave Comment

AM Snack: peanut butter and apple slices, water

Lunch: animal pasta with beans, carrots with ranch, honeydew melon, milk

PM Snack: blueberry muffins, water, and fresh blueberries from our neighbor!!!


We went on a nature safari walk.  We found 2 bird nests, antlers, rabbit hide, a deer skull, a beaver chewing on a beaver long and foot prints, turkey feathers, blue jay feather, porcupine quills, pine cones eaten by squirrels,  a hornet’s nest and many more things. After some water play we went inside early to relax in the air conditioning.  We talked about skulls and looked at a cat skull, beaver skull, raccoon skull and more.  We reviewed our mammals of Maine to get ready for our trip to the Maine Wildlife Park on Thursday.  In the afternoon we put sprinklers all over the playground and took full advantage of the water slide again.  It’s too hot to do anything but stay wet or stay in the air conditioning!

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