August 3

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AM Snack: trail mix, water

Lunch: cheese, tortilla chips, green beans from the garden, watermelon, milk

PM Snack: hummus and crackers, water

We had an amazing time at Bradbury Mountain State Park!  We all played on the playground then hiked a little to find a fun geocache.  Then we split up- Mary, Isabelle, Alyra, Weston, and Jack went back to the playground for more fun and Zoe, Andre, Marina, Oliver, Emmeline, Ryder, Wyatt and Wyatt’s Mom all climbed to the summit!  We used our binoculars to search for landmarks because there were no birds to be found!  We also explored the cave just below the summit.  After we ate lunch, we played a few awesome games of Camouflage!  We came back to RSG for some quiet time and water play to cool off!

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