April 24

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AM Snack: bananas and peanut butter, water

Lunch: barnyard pasta with egg, cucumbers, cantaloupe, milk

PM Snack: hummus and crackers, water


Movement: Dinosaur song, Freeze Dance, Animal Actions, Goldfish Song, Hokey Pokey, Get Back Up Again from Trolls, Can’t Stop from Trolls, Clean up song

Circle: greeting songs, calendar, counting, sign language ABC’s, barnyard animal sorting, TheEgg Book by Jack Kent, toy egg surprise demonstration

We opened our egg development stages for the first 4 days of the chick life cycle and we checked on our eggs in the incubator.  We have 6 Buff Orpington eggs due to hatch just before mother’s Day.

Art/theme: We painted cardboard pig noses.  We decided to do whatever color we felt like!

Outside: nature walk to feed carrots to horses, observed birds around the pond (swallows, robins, red winged blackbirds, canada geese), observed a chipmunk close by, checked out the squirrel nest in the tree across the road, said ‘Hi” to the cows down the road, picked up acorns

Lunch Outside!!!!

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