Wednesday, November 16th,2016

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Its raining its pouring the old man is snoring…. Oh how we thought this was a funny song today!

Today at circle we worked on signing the letter I. We sang our ABC’s, Hokey Pokey, Leaves are Falling. We read Run Turkey Run and Pumpkins on the hill.   We learned a little more about the weather and how  it is ever changing. We counted 5 days till Miles turns 3!  We worked on making THANKFUL TURKEYS  with paper, glue and googly eyes. We did some patterning with turkeys and pumpkin pies. Sorted colors and shapes.

Am snack: Blueberries oatmeal and water

Lunch: Nachos, Salsa, red peppers, oranges and milk

Pm snack: Snack boxes and water




Tuesday, November 8th 2016

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Happy Voting day!

Today we talked about “Voting” and “What an Election is”. Some of us were very interested in voting. So we decided we would vote on lunch today’s candidates were

Carrots vs  Cucumbers

Emmeline , Alyra, Oliver, Jacob  voted for Carrots!

Juliet, Wyatt,  Isabelle voted for cucumbers!


Bananas vs Apples

Oliver, Isabelle, Alyra, Emmeline voted for Bananas

Jacob, Wyatt, Juliet voted for apples



We talked about how its exciting that we all get a choice and are aloud to choose what we like.

At circle we did the Hokey Pokey, The animals are sleeping, Head Shoulder’s Knees and toes.

Calendar, Weather, Abc’s, counting to 22. We read We are all Different and  Do like a Duck does!

We were outside for almost 2 hours this morning!



Am snack: Oatmeal with mixed berries and water

Lunch: Grilled Cheese, bananas, carrots and milk

Pm snack: snack boxes and water




Thursday, Novemeber 3rd 2016

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Rain Rain go away come back again another day.


What a wonderful day to stay inside and get wrapped up in a nice book. Today we read Horton Hatches and Egg and Choco’s mother.

At circle time today we worked on the  our ABC’s, the letter G in sign language, counting to 20, patterning with turkeys, pies and mayflower ships. Today music and movement included the  dino stomp, the hokey pokey, head shoulders knees and toes. We enjoyed a puppet show put on by our friends.

AM snack: Ants on a log and water

Lunch: English muffin pizza’s,Brussel sprouts, bananas and milk

Pm snack: Hummus, rice cakes and water



Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

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Whacky Wednesday here! What a wonderful day! We had a very busy classroom today.

At circle: We worked on the calendar ,weather, ABC’s, Counting to 20, patterning turkeys and pies. We read “Planting a Rainbow”.

Talked and discovered how to plant flowers that will come up next spring. Then we went outdoors and all took turns digging and planting our flowers. We found worms and bugs in the ground so the turtles had an extra snack. We were able to enjoy some leaf and bike riding in the front yard.

Am Snack: Blueberries oatmeal and Water

Lunch: Nachos and Cheese, Melon, squash and milk

Pm Snack: raisins and cereal


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

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Happy Tuesday!  Fall is in the air! Thank you so much for remembering all the warm outdoor gear! We were able to play outside for a while this morning.

Today at circle we: Welcomed our new friend Theo to our class. We sang our good morning song, our abc’s, hokey pokey, 5 little ducks . We talked about all the fun things  that are happening in the Month of November. We read “One potato” and ” Going to the supermarket” . This week’s letter is the letter G.  We learned how to sign girl, game and green.


We talked about putting our garden to bed for the winter. We were able to harvest our beans. Ask your child what types of beans we prepared for winter. Also we learned about the different types of peppers . We tried red, green, yellow, orange. Our favorite was the yellow pepper. For our project we created prints out of paint and peppers.

Am snack: Cheese, grapes and water

Lunch: Chicken fingers, bread, peppers, oranges and milk

Pm snack: blueberry muffins and water