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Today we were able to play outside and enjoy the snow. We climbed snowbanks and went sledding on the hill next to the playground!  During circle we worked on counting, abc sign language, weather, calendar, letter R (signs rain, read and room). We talked about love- Why we love people, animals, things, mommy and daddy, etc.  We sang If Your Happy and You Know It.  Arts and crafts-  we made tissue hearts and started working on our wet felt hearts.

am snack: bananas and cheese

lunch: Nachos, carrots, oranges and milk

pm snack: blueberry muffins



February 5, 2015

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Today we talked about keeping ourselves safe , who strangers are, who we should ask for help if we are lost. Circle was full of ABC’s, 123’s, weather, colors and songs.  We painted and glued little police cars for our craft.

Am snack: yogurt and blueberries

lunch: chicken salad sandwiches, cucumbers, honey dew melon and milk

Pm snack: animal crackers and raisins

We played in our winter wonderland for about a half an hour.