Tuesday, April 8th

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A wet and dreary day! No outside play for us today!

Circle: ABC’s, Counting to 10, Weather, We read Lama Lama Red Pajama and If you give a pig a party!

Activities: We learned that airplanes fly high in the sky and can take us to many different places. We made our own wooden air planes and painted them.


Am Snack : Cheese and bananas

Lunch: Chicken Nuggets, bread, cucumbers, pears and milk

Pm Snack: blueberry muffins

DO you have any egg cartons? We could use a few.







Monday, April 7,2014

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This week we are learning about different types of transportation.

Today we learned about cars and trucks.Did you know they have 4 wheels, windshield and doors!

We made our own cars!  It was beautiful outside so we spent most of our morning out and about!

Calendar, ABC’s, Counting to 10 and the letter Z ¬†challenged us all today!

Am snack: Blueberries and cereal

Lunch: Waffles, yogurt, corn, applesauce and milk

Pm snack: crackers and cheese