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Homeschool Support

Raven Rangers Homeschool Support Program- Ages 6 to 12- Class limit 10 children

Outdoor and child led learning tailored according to each child and family’s needs

Weekdays 8 AM-5 PM           $55 per day

Ready Set Go Outside is ready to offer this new program for the school year 2020-21.  We will only be opening this program to students who are exclusively homeschooling, not full time or hybrid schooling at another school.  This is to create a “pod” to limit exposure to Covid-19.

Parents will be responsible for submitting letters of “intent to homeschool” to the state/superintendent before September 1st and then submitting progress or assessment before September 1st of the next school year.  Maine requires a record of 175 days of attendance.  Ready Set Go Outside will provide at least 2 hours of lessons per day of attendance and will work with families to tailor each child’s experience.  Each child will be provided with a binder to manage goals and record progress information throughout the school year.  Ready Set Go Outside will provide documentation of learning activities and/or progress to be kept in the binder.  Parents can use this binder to submit for proof of progress to a certified teacher to review or may opt to submit an assessment test.  The Maine state learning results for each child’s grade will be included in the binder for guidance but may not be strictly followed depending on the child’s educational background.

Parents are welcome to bring in curriculum to be used or rely on what Ready Set Go has to offer.  Homeschooling is a great opportunity to fit the curriculum to your child so feel free to mix and match!  Some families prefer to have their child do an assessment at the beginning of the school year to find out what needs to be focused on.  We will be sharing many resources throughout the school year as each family finds what works best for their child.

This group will be mixed ages from 6 to 10 years old.  Each child will be allowed to progress at their own pace.  Some children will need more structure than others.  We will have a system that will allow each person to view what learning needs to happen each day/week and give them options for when they can focus their attention on the work.  It will be up to the teachers, child and parents to work together and discover what time increments work best for each child in each subject.  The goal will be to promote the joy of learning and guide each person to become a self motivated learner.  If learning can be done outside then that is where it will happen whenever possible.  We will use whatever tools we can to help inspire each person.  Some children love worksheets and quizzes.  Some love board games.  Some learn well from videos.  Some learn best from hands on activities.  The greatest thing that will be learned from this year of home schooling is how each person learns best.  While we can’t have a strict schedule laid out ahead of time if we are going to follow the children’s lead, we can know that there will be a lot of reading, outside time, educational games, music, art, building, creating, fun and learning every day!

Marisa Tobey will be the lead teacher for this program.  We will be limiting teachers/volunteers for our program as much as possible while still providing continuity for the children.  Please see the Teachers tab for information about Marisa’s qualifications.  As things relax, we hope to be able to use visitors and take more educational field trips to supplement our learning.

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is field trips, however these will be limited to outdoor settings for the time being.  Children and teachers will be asked to wear masks while inside the Ready Set Go building or the 15 passenger van.  We will have plenty of outside time to offset the amount of time children spend masked.  It is currently a requirement for children over the age of 5 to wear masks.  If you disagree with this, please let the state of Maine know.  We do plan to make mask wearing fun by making our own designs or dressing up as animals.

Electronics: Ready Set Go Outside has a few devices available to use for learning.  Children are welcome to bring devices from home to use for learning.  Use of devices will be monitored and may be limited.  There will most likely be  a rule that if the weather is nice then devices will not be needed for recreation.  We do occasionally allow children to “play” on devices toward the end of the day or at nap/rest time.  This would only happen if going outside was not an option, a child is the last one to be picked up/has no one to play with, and/or they had completed their learning activities for the day.  Children will be asked to opt for learning games unless the teacher feels the child needs a mental break or some time to center him/herself.  Speaking of breaks: yoga mats and yoga cards are always available and teachers often encourage children to take breathing breaks.  A list of choices to self regulate will be designed by each learner and included in their binder.

This program is available weekly except for holidays, school vacations, and the days from Christmas Eve Day to New Year’s Day.  Please see our Google calendar for specifics.  Our school year will begin August 31, 2020 and end June 11, 2021.  This schedule includes extra “make up” days for attendance.  Families can always record attendance on their own if it better fits their schedule or flow which means that your child can choose to get some school work done on a Saturday or holiday if they wish.

We are no longer providing snacks and lunch however we hope to include cooking as a big part of the learning process this year.  We will also consider keeping a list of bulk snacks that parents could help provide for the group.  We may consider this for lunches as well especially if it is something that children can easily make themselves such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  The reasons behind not providing food have to do with the expense but mostly the time it takes away from the children or the extra time to pay a teacher to prepare the meals.  We want to focus wholly on the learning experience and being present for a group of children without out adding more to our teachers’ responsibilities.   It has been truly wonderful to be able to grab our backpacks and head into the woods for lunch in the summer knowing we had all our supplies ready.  We will need a lot of fuel to keep our brains happy this year so please let us know if you have any ideas for a more cooperative way of providing food.

Everyone will need appropriate clothing for the weather whatever it may be.   This will probably mean a variety of layers.  Children will need full water proof outfits for rainy days- rain coat, rain pants, (or rain suit) and waterproof boots.  It is a good idea to find rain wear that also fits over snow wear for colder months.  Warm layers and waterproofing will be important for the winter months.  We will be outside for hours and children will need some flexibility in their clothing depending on the activity.  Layers provide flexibility for children to remove or add layers as needed throughout the program.  Water proof gloves/mittens make the most sense for the types of activities we will be doing. Knitted gloves/mittens are not appropriate.  They often get wet within minutes of being outside or are not warm enough.

Please read our program description and policies under the parent handbook tab for more information.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.