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Program Description until June 2020

The following program will only be available until July 2020:

Ready, Set, Go! Learning Center offers programs for infants to age 12.

Hours of Operation:  7:00 AM to 5:30 PM 

Ready, Set, Go! offers quality programming for infants to teens with an educational focus.

  • Early childhood development and education
  • Preschool and kindergarten readiness program
  • Before and after school care with homework help, fun and games, and special activities



Ready, Set, Go! strives to provide the best quality childcare as well as structured classroom activities such as circle/group time, ongoing social skill lessons and small group craft/cooking activities.  We use the Creative Curriculum as our guide.

Infants will enjoy learning to grasp various objects; freedom to explore movement through “tummy time”, kicking and overhead toys with teacher interaction; opportunities to explore different textures and sounds; mirroring of facial expressions and infant sounds; one on one “lap time” with songs, stories, conversation, and picture naming; and more.  These activities will revolve around each individual’s feeding and napping schedule.

Toddlers will be introduced to fingerplays, story time and repetitive songs during short “circle times”.  Daily activities will include lap bounces, clapping, soft ball play, crawling/walking exercises, body part review, basic sign language, etc.  Toddlers will also be introduced to craft time through simple coloring, painting with various nontoxic media, hand/foot stamping, noisemakers, etc.  These structured activities will occur approximately the same time each day, two to four times a day.  Toddlers will be encouraged to follow a routine each day so that they will know what to expect and transition times will be easier for them to handle.  This includes moving away from morning napping into one longer afternoon nap, eating snacks and lunch at a specific time each day, and structured bathroom times.  It is difficult to lay out a schedule for this age group as they are in a transition time and the schedule changes throughout the year.  Each day will be an effort to move toward the more structured preschool schedule.


Preschool children

7:00- 9 am Drop off and learning centers (child’s choice)
9 am morning meeting large group- calendar, weather, songs, fingerplays, stories
9:30 am Small group activities- learning centers and/or theme related crafts
10 am snack and bathroom time
10:30 am outdoors play weather permitting
11:15 am small group learning centers
11:45-12 pm clean up for lunch
12 pm lunch
12:30 pm clean up and bathroom time
1 pm structured quiet time activities/stories in small groups- naptime if needed
2 pm quiet time activities
3:15 pm snack time/ afterschool children arrive
3:45 pm group time activity- movement games, math, science, theme related, art…
4:45 pm outdoor play and/or small group learning centers
5:30 pm pick up time


Learning centers and group time will include weekly activities based in literacy, mathematics, social studies/skills, science, art and music.

  • Literacy- letter/word recognition, letter-sound recognition, story sequencing, following directions, letter writing, vocabulary/language, etc.
  • Mathematics- number recognition, patterns, spatial awareness, measuring, organizing and sequencing.
  • Science- sensory exploration, living versus nonliving, nature observation, experiments, problem solving, etc.
  • Social studies/skills- time concepts, sharing, community service (e.g., recycling), recognizing maps, building classroom or neighborhood design, voting and elections, problem solving, etc.
  • Art- music, drama, crafts, dance, performing, etc.
  • Special events may include visitors such as Spark’s Ark, police officer, firefighter, and other community representatives.  Field trips may include the Desert of Maine, Winslow Park, Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Pineland Center, Children’s Museum, Children’s Theater of Maine, apple picking, etc.


School age children will be given many options for activities including homework time, learning centers, board games, sports activities, challenging arts and crafts activities, exploratory science fun, etc.  Special activities will be planned for no school days such as pajama and pancake day, mad science, mystery day, glow in the dark fun, field trips, etc.  A notice of special activities will go out to parents prior to the event.  Snow days will consist of a lot of sledding, snowman building, snow fort building and snow experiments!


Parent involvement is always encouraged.  Parents who volunteer for 4 or more hours a week will receive a 10% discount on the following week’s tuition. Volunteers must file paperwork with the provider prior to visit.