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We’re hiring for our outdoor program!  Please email us your resume if you’re interested!

Mission Statement

The mission of Ready, Set, Go! is to create a fun, safe, healthy and educational environment for children of any age that promotes development at all stages through exploration, play and structured activities. This includes the flexibility to take advantage of teachable moments created by child interest or spontaneous events. Teachers will work to create a child friendly world that encourages interest in education, responsible citizenship and independence. Children who outgrow this facility will have the tools to accept the challenges the world presents to them with confidence.  We are also committed to teaching environmentally responsible behavior such as reducing waste, composting, recycling, eating organic and nutritious foods, and conservation.


Ready, Set, Go! Learning Center is currently licensed as a childcare facility with a limit of 20 children ages  2 to 12.  We offer outdoor, nature based and child led programs for ages 2 to 12.  Please select the Parent Handbook tab to learn more about our preschool program and our home school support program.


“My children attended Ready, Set, Go! and LOVED it! My kids knew that they were loved and in a nurturing environment where they were encouraged to be kids. Their days were filled with play that was developmentally appropriate and that sparked their interest and creativity. Marisa has a passion for science that is demonstrated in a variety of ways throughout their days, from gardening or checking out tide pools at the beach to watching animals hatch. A hike was never just a hike; they would geocache, wade in a stream, or turn over a log to see what decomposers were doing to it. This fostered a love of science and a curiosity in the world around them that continues today.  I always knew they would have a fantastic time there!”
Kari Crosman