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We currently have very limited openings for 18 months to 5 years old mostly partial days or mornings.  Please email with inquiries.

Mission Statement

The mission of Ready, Set, Go! is to create a fun, safe, healthy and educational environment for children of any age that promotes development at all stages through exploration, play and structured activities. This includes the flexibility to take advantage of teachable moments created by child interest or spontaneous events. Teachers will work to create a child friendly world that encourages interest in education, responsible citizenship and independence. Children who outgrow this facility will have the tools to accept the challenges the world presents to them with confidence.  We are also committed to teaching environmentally responsible behavior such as reducing waste, composting, recycling, eating organic and nutritious foods, and conservation.



Ready, Set, Go! Learning Center is a small childcare facility.  We are currently licensed for 20 children of mixed ages which means that we are able to keep families together in a small home setting and also provide classroom time for each age group according to their needs.  Each day children ages 2 and up participate in preschool learning activities while the younger group enjoys floor time and teacher led play. This facility was created out of a desire to provide an early learning center with healthy options such as cloth diapering; baby wearing;  foods without pesticides, GMOs, dyes, corn syrup, hormones and MSG; opportunities to learn composting, gardening, conservation and recycling; chemical free products; and plenty of outdoor time and nature exploration for any age.  Everything about our routine and habits are geared toward a more sustainable way of living which is so important for the future of our children. Our goal is to promote social responsibility and a an eagerness for learning.  Even our teachers may come in with very little knowledge or environmental awareness but when they leave they are usually hooked on cloth diapers or baby wearing or eating healthier!